It’s an honor to be a BCOA Breed Mentor and to have judged the following events. 

Greater Twin Cities Borzoi Club Supported Entry
August 2018 | Lake Elmo, Minnesota

Best In Sweeps: RunTuff RiverRun Scotty Karate 
Breeders: Kristen Suhrenbrock, Tina Wismer DVM, Tim Williams, & Karla Ruth Smith DVM
Owners: Tina Wismer DVM, Tim Williams, & Karla Ruth Smith DVM

Best Opposite in Sweeps: Paradise Spirit Chariots of Fire
Breeder/Owner: Kristi Arnquist

Best Veteran: GCH Vitrina Constellation
Breeder/Owner: Valorie Vitrina

Best Opposite Veteran: GCH Lythe Norwegian Wood
Breeder/Owner: Melanie Richards

BCOA Trophy Supported Entry
July 2018 | Houston, Texas

Best In Sweeps: Ninochka’s Dobrij Dhuh Spirit at Sunburst
Breeder: Andreja Novak

Owners: Margaret Lucia & Garnett Thompson

Best Opposite in Sweeps: Svora Tiarra
Breeder/Owner: Shirley McFadden

Best Veteran:
Breeder/Owner: Prudence Hylatky

BCOA National Futurity
April 2016 | Lawrence, Kansas

Best in Futurity: GCH RunTuff Whiskey's Rebellion
Kristen Suhrenbrock, Karla Smith, DVM, Sandra Moore, Leonore Abordo 
Owners: Kim Ketelsen & Vicki Popela

Best Opposite: Sylvan Eleonora
Breeders/Owners: Chris & Patti Neale

Best Brood Bitch: GCH Kirov Embrujada, JC
Breeder/Owner: Barbara Ewing

Midwest Borzoi Club Sweepstakes
August 2014 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Best In Sweeps: Anotak Promise You My Heart
Breeders/Owners: Joyce & Roger Katona

Best Opposite in Sweeps: Vitrina Fiero
Breeder/Owner: Valori Trantanella

Best Veteran: GCH Chrysalis Winter Gold
Breeder/Owner: Pam Leichtnam

Continental Whippet Alliance Match
October 2011 | Bush, Louisiana

Best In Match: Liberty's My Funny Valentine, SC, JC
Owners: Catherine Odom & Terry Mayers
Breeder: Fred McMullan, DVM

Best Opposite: Debmar’s Sparks Will Fly at Liberty
Breeder: Debra Bahm
Owner: Catherine Odom

Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club Sweepstakes
September 2011 | Longmont, Colorado

Best In Sweepstakes: Horse & Hound Tip Your Hat
Breeder: Pamela Buffington
Owners: Elizabeth Buchholz & Karen “Cricket” Murray 

Best Opposite: Novgorod's Katya Ivanova
Breeder/Owner: Lynn Hoflin

Best Veteran: CH Rising Star Kajai Priam
Breeder/Owner: Nadine Johnson

Potomac Valley Borzoi Club Sweepstakes
October 2006 | Leesburg, Virginia

Best Puppy In Sweepstakes: Timeless Hoodoo Voodoo
Breeder/owner: Robin Casey 

Best Opposite Sex: Phoenixx Golden Trail Blazer
Breeder/Owner: Jane Scheiber

Best Veteran: BISS CH OnTime Red Sky at Night
Breeder: Susan Sills
Owner: Robin Casey

Best Opposite Veteran: DC Majenkir Raynbo’s Dazzle, SC
Breeders/Owners: Jennifer Zucker & Karen Staudt-Cartabona

Lone Star Borzoi Club Match
August 2006 | Red Oak, Texas

Best In Match/Best Bred-By Exhibitor: Promises Harmony
Breeder/Owner: Jackie Corsette

Best Opposite in Match: Gryffyn-Wyvern’s Speak O’T’Devil
Breeder/Owners: Victor Whitlock & R. Lynn Shell-Whitlock

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