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I breed infrequently and only when I believe I can contribute to the preservation of the Borzoi breed.
My mission is to produce beautiful, athletic, healthy,
and versatile Borzoi that are sound in movement and temperament.


My commitment starts with the fact that the dogs come first.
I have a plan and resources for emergencies, disasters, and basic care.
I attend shows/events and breed only when I have the resources and time to do so.

I’m guided by a 30+ year study of the breed, Breed Standard, and BCOA Code of Ethics
As an AKC Breeder of Merit member, the dogs I breed are carefully chosen, proven in ring and/or field,
and health screened per OFA Health Screening recommendations (and beyond).

Since my start with Borzoi in 1984, I’ve attended most nationals and
multiple specialties across the country to study Borzoi and bloodlines over many generations,
attend breed seminars on health and performance, and best of all, discuss dogs with my peers.
I count myself lucky to have been mentored by some of the most successful breeders whom I count as friends.

I’m a BCOA Breed Mentor and Life Member and continue to chair Ready Borzoi.
I belong to and actively support multiple educational, health, charity, sport,
and welfare initiatives in my community as well as regional, national and international Borzoi organizations.
I believe it’s our responsibility to contribute to the organizations that
support breed preservation, dog ownership, and dog sports.

Click links to learn what these commitments represent and why they matter.


Every pup brought into this world is valued equally, whether he/she is destined
for life as a family pet, performance partner, or show dog.
To ensure the very best future for my pups,
I require a home visit, secure fencing, references, and sell under contract.
All pups are examined by a veterinarian, wormed/vaccinated,
microchipped, socialized, registered with AKC, and sold with standard guarantees.
Pups are given neurological stimulation and constantly assessed/graded
in multiple ways and at various ages with the goal being to ensure
each puppy is happy, healthy, and confident.

Because Borzoi come in a range of styles, personalities, and aptitudes, it’s important that I
understand the adopter’s lifestyle, preferences, and expectations. This will help ensure the best match.
If you’re interested in acquiring a Far Field Borzoi, filling out the questionnaire is a great way to get started.

Visitors are always welcomed to meet the dogs by appointment.


No matter which type of dog you choose or who you acquire it from,
you’ll make a much better decision by learning as much as you can about the breed AND the breeder.
Attend regional specialties. Ask questions. Obtain references. And
visit the home of any breeder you are considering.
A visit provides an opportunity to meet the puppy’s relatives, decide is husbandry meets your standards,
and to personally interact with the breeder.

I’m happy to provide contacts of those who have obtained Far Field Borzoi.
If I don’t have anything available, I’m always pleased to recommend other reputable breeders.


Louisiana Wild Litter
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Louisiana Red Litter
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