Specialty Best in Veteran Sweeps

CH Nonsuch Moulin Rouge v Far Field, CGC

(CHIC 112278)


CH Katz Golden Haze



CH Far Field Flambeau, JC, BCAT, CGC
Sire of performance titled and mjr ptd offspring

Owned by Far Field


BCOA Nat’l Open Dog, Specialty RWD & Best in Sweeps Far Field Fire on the Bayou at OnTime, CGC

Owned by Susan Sills, VA


BCOA TSE OS CH Far Field Bonfire

Owned by Far Field


Far Field Rémoulade

Owned by Lance Pearson, VA


Far Field Etoufée of Yurika, NA, NAJ, NF, OA, OAJ, CGC

Owned by Deb Fraker, TX


Specialty WB Grand CH Far Field Cayenne

Owned by Far Field


Far Field Fava at Evensong

Owned by Heather Simpson, CAN

Born 7/30/2012

What a fun litter this has turned out to be! I made up my first bred-by champions, first bred-by specialty winner, acquired the AKC Breeder of Merit designation, and am close to a ROM for Rouge.

Seven healthy pups (3 males/4 females) all in shades or spots of red, with black masks, super dark eyes, sabling,
fine running gear, good hare feet, roman finishes, long properly set tails, and very out-going personalities.

I kept 2 females and a male.

Bonnie was out just 3 weekends and finished at a BCOA TSE.
Spice is a Specialty WB, finished by going BOB over top specials, and now a Grand CH.
Beau has his JC, BCAT, and earned his CH by going BOB over a special. He’s the sire of the Louisiana Wild litter.

The other 4 are in fabulous homes doing fun things with their owners from showing and agility to coursing and hiking.

When he wasn’t gracing the Virginia beach, Fire attended a few shows. He’s a specialty Best in Sweeps, Specialty RWD,
won the Open class at the 2015 National, OFC pointed, and is Susan Sill’s devoted companion.
Fire’s exploits are followed by hundreds of people from all over the world due to Susan’s beautiful photography.

Fay, under the guidance of owner/handler Deb Fraker has proven to be a natural in the agility ring.
The pair are simply remarkable and clearly have a winning connection. They’ve racked up several titles and national ranking in a very short time. Deb calls Fay the best agility competitor she’s ever had.

Beannie became a Canadian and enjoys the companionship of long-time Borzoi fancier Heather Simpson.
Interestingly, Heather and Laura Nel of Lanel Kennel, were some of the very first fanciers I met.
Wonderful to come together again with bloodlines that go back to Heather and Laura’s dogs.

Rom found the perfect home with Lance Pearson who takes him hiking and enjoys Rom’s utter devotion.
I could not want for a better home and thrilled to know these two are such a great match.

Like their parents, all health screens conducted thus far have been normal. A bonus was full dentition/scissor bites on all 7.

Many thanks to Kitty Sawyer for helping me get this litter on the ground. We were exhausted but laughed a lot!
Kitty’s Hazer was an beautiful, athletic male with a long, light gait and a huge personality. He and Rouge were a good nic.  



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