PHOEBE (dam)

AM/CAN CH Nonsuch Phoebe

CAMERON (sire)

MBISS AM/CAN CH Nonsuch Prince Charming, ROMX-C



Description: 32” / 90 lbs. Male, gold spotted

Bred by: Karen & Kalen Dumke

Owned/Handled by: Veni Harlan

CHIC: 26159

I had admired Singer’s dam Phoebe a great deal and was thrilled to acquire a male pup from what turned out to be her only litter. Sire Cameron was young and fairly unknown to me. He went on to enjoy a phenomenal career in the ring and as a sire, eclipsing Phoebe’s impressive special’s record.

Singer was a substantive male with tiny high set ears, beautiful head, and dark eye. He was a dog with presence and choose his friends discerningly. Once you were “approved”, he was a smooch, smiler, and lap dog.

When Singer was a teen, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Things went as well as they could but it was Singer and kennel mate Stormy that were essential supports. Our bond got me through a scary time in a way few things could.

As soon as I could, Singer and I got back in the ring. We had an uphill time of it give prior circumstances and lack of training. I learned a lot from this dog. He finished quickly despite my novice handling. Hound expert Dr. Edna Martin remarked on his excellent breed type and floating movement. Occasionally specialed, Singer went BOB owner-handled over top-5, pro-handled competition.

We were working in Rally before his untimely death at nearly 10 due to hermangio sarcoma. This came during the sad aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. My darling boy is forever missed.



I chose this pup from the Nonsuch “bird” litter. He was so cheerful and happy I named him Song Sparrow.

I thought I was too young to get breast cancer.

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