Welcome! Thank you for visiting my hobby site. I’m the keeper of Borzoi and a few other creatures furred and feathered. My home is 3 miles from the mighty Mississippi river, an hour upriver of New Orleans, 50’ above sea level, and 150 miles from the Gulf of Mexico—deep in the heart of beautiful and historic south Louisiana.

Animals of all kinds have fascinated and taught me about the world in which we live. I’ve kept and illustrated everything from chickens and horses to orphaned squirrels and blue jays. I was especially drawn to dogs. Growing up, our family had a few purebreds (Poodles, Labrador Retrievers, Great Danes) and numerous “multi-cultural” pets. As a teen I spied a Borzoi in Mom’s big dog book. Their beauty, grace, and noble appearance captured my imagination.

In February of 1984, I acquired my first Borzoi—a black pup with rusty points—from the Vermont kennel of Kostenov. Because of Isadora I became forever smitten. Over time I added more Borzoi, met others who were equally smitten, and began an earnest study and enjoyment of the breed.

My dogs are first and foremost beloved companions and muses. I enjoy exhibiting in the conformation ring, competing in performance venues, and fun activities like barn hunt. A few of the hounds have done a little theater work and served as models for artists, photographers, and ad agencies.

Animals have connected me to several interesting activities, causes, and communities. I maintain the International Borzoi Council, Baton Rouge KC, and BCOA Ready Borzoi websites. Annually, we host a BCOA trophy supported entry in Louisiana. Now a AKC Public Education representative, I’ve long been involved with advocating for responsible dog ownership. My Borzoi Kiss and I do therapy visits via Pet Partners and I am a national rescue rep for multiple breeds/organizations. It’s also been my privilege to judge multiple Specialty Sweepstakes as well as the 2016 BCOA Futurity.

The disasters of Hurricane Katrina and the Macondo oil spill, drew me into domestic and wildlife rehab/rescue/foster activities in unprecedented ways. As a result of these experiences, I sought a deeper understanding of environmental issues and disaster preparedness. Ready Borzoi was born from these experiences.

After some 30 years in the breed and several failed attempts, I whelped two litters. The 2012 Louisiana Red litter boasts Specialty, conformation, and performance titled dogs. The 2016 Louisiana Wild litter has a Specialty winner, multiple conformation pointed and performance titled youngsters, and a Best in Sweeps winner. Most importantly, all 14 pups from both litters are in super homes with owners who have become extended family.

I’ve enjoyed designing for multiple dog-related organizations and events, most recently, the logo for the 2016 BCOA National. Because I enjoy photographing my dogs and seeing images of other Borzoi, I created the Facebook group, BorzoiRule! Its primary goal is celebration of the breed and community of Borzoi. The group boasts over 6,600+ members from around the world.

Professionally, I’m a creative (veniharlan.com). My interest in the environment, animals, design, and advocacy coalesced in the founding of Marsh Dog. Our sibling-owned company produces all-natural dog treats made with the invasive species wild nutria. My Borzoi are now fondly referred to as “canine conservationists.” ;>) Dogs not only connect us to nature but also make excellent ambassadors for science-based stewardship of the environment we love.


Top: Baby Luna (Specialty RWB CH Nonsuch Lac du Lune v Far Field, CGC).

Middle left: Three generations at Far Field–Beau, Rouge, Kiss.

Middle right: One of my first dogs, a black poodle named Fifi.


Some of the fondest memories of my youth are riding horses bareback through field and wood, soaked in sun and rain, without a care in the world. The far fields of our family farm were my heaven. Years later, it seemed an apt name for my hobby.

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