WINTER (dam)

CH Khanzade’s Winter Olympic Gold, ROM

ZORRO (sire)

AM/CAN CH Echovesna’s Zorro

My favorite Mardi Gras parade is the Krewe of Zulu known for their lavish costumes, brass bands, and collectible “golden nuggets” (decorated coconuts). For a peek at this historic African-American parade, check out this video.



Description: 31” / 90 lbs. Male, Irish-marked tri

Bred by: Katie Averill & Marcia Timmons

Owned by: Veni Harlan & Katie Averill

Handled by: Veni

CHIC: 67739 (Full mouth)

I was lucky to be offered the pic male from a repeat breeding that produced some very nice dogs. Zulu was a substantive male with sound, balanced movement, powerful rear, nice long sweeping tail, good feet, spring of rib, width fore/aft, and excellent substance. Rosemary Greg found him to strongly resemble Ch. Crescents Zak of Windswept who figures heavily in his tail female line.

Zula was best appreciated by breeder judges. Ron and Carol Spritzer pointed him at 6 months; Carol Kubiak-Zamora and Jim Sillers gave him 9-12 placements at the 2005 BCOA National; Donna Wojan awarded him a BCOA TSE WD; Nitsa Trayler gave him Reserve WD at the 2007 RMBC Specialty; the following weekend John Reeve-Newsom found him as his WD/OS for the major over the RMBC specialty winners; and Kalen Dumke finished him the weekend of the MBC Specialty with a Best of Winners major win. He was Breed over Specials a few times after his championship but unfortunately, I was not able to special him in any meaningful way.

Zulu best feature was his fabulous and entertaining temperament. He got along with absolutely everyone. Professional couch lizard, thief, lock picker, and puppy trainer, keen on live prey but not plastic, the Z-man was a complete joy of a dog.

In 2014 he sired a beautiful singleton puppy for Karla Ruth Smith, DVM (RiverRun) who is the image of her dad. Z is collected and I hope to use him in the future.

Zulu had a healthy, happy life all of his 12 years. My sweetest, most loving boy is forever missed.



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